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When will I receive my product?
You received a “Launching Email” from your organization’s representative will all the details as to finding your Webstore, when it is closing, and when you can expect product.

How does an Express Web Store work?
A representative of your organization chooses the options and framework of your Web Store. The store is open for a pre-determined window of time (generally 1 week). When the Web Store closes we compile the orders to embellish them together and then ship your items directly to you

How long will it take to receive my product from an Express Web Store?
An Express Web Store is generally open for 1 week. Product is compiled and produced and shipped from our Portland, Maine embellishment facility within a week of closing.

What if I have a problem getting my order through?
If you cannot complete your transaction, please contact Atlantic Sportswear customer service at

How will I know my order went through?
Every order placed on a Webstore will be confirmed with an email acknowledgment minutes after ordering. If you do not receive an acknowledgment, do not attempt to place the order again. First contact Atlantic Sportswear customer service at

What if I need to change, add or delete my selection?
Due to the custom nature of the product and the finely tuned schedule in producing these garments no changes can be made once a Web Store has closed. If you are looking to change a selection before your Web Store closes, simply forward a copy of your emailed Acknowledgment with the change requested to Atlantic Sportswear customer service at

What is your return policy?
Because all items purchased on a Web Store are customized in your size, color, and graphic we cannot accept returns on merchandise. We will explain the colors, fabrics, and graphics to the best of our ability to assist you in making an informed decision. If you are uncertain prior to your purchase please contact Atlantic Sportswear customer service at

Can I personalize an item with an individual name or number?
Depending on the type of store your program administrator has chosen to setup, certain products may offer the option for an added name or number. Check out the product description of the particular item(s) you’re interested in to see if an individual name or number is being offered.